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Home Leader Realty Inc.

Vaughan Pre-construction Condos

Rutherford Rd
Starting From $374,999
With Only 10% Down This Year
$20,000 Off Parking Price
$5,000 Of Assignment fee
Phase 2 Just Lunched

Expo City Condos

Highway 7 & Creditstone

Highway 7 & Creditstone
Starting From $922,450

Nord Expo 4 Condos
Highway 7 & Creditstone
Starting From $653,025
Free Locker

Commerce St, Vaughan
Starting from $490's
Right to Lease During Interim Occupancy
Capped Development Levies
Free Assignment
Jane Street
Starting From $1,206,900
Charisma Condos 3
Jane St
Coming Soon

Eagle Rock Way
Starting From $950,990
Only 5% down
Transit City 4 Condos
Portage Parkway
Starting From $418,990
VIP Pricing 
Transit City 5 Condos
Portage Pkwy
Starting From $477,990
Limited Units Left
TC Towns
Portage Pkwy
Starting From $549,999
Only 10% Down
Mobilio Condos South Tower
Interchange Way
Starting From $410,990
Interchange Way
Starting From Low $935,990
3BD towns Price $650/sqf by the subway 
Buy with 10% down only
Mobilio Condos
Interchange Way
Starting From $330,000
Starting From $580,900+
VIP Sale NOW on
Capital City Towns
Islington Ave
Starting From $719,900
SXSW Condos 1
Islington Ave
Starting From $517,900
​Free Assignment 
Free Locker
Free Parking
5% Deposits Per Year 
15% Total Deposit!
Islington Ave
Starting From $443,990
Free Assignment
Free Locker
Free Parking
5% Deposits Per Year 
15% Total Deposit!
Islington Ave
Starting From $769,900
2 Year Free Maintenance
$5000 Decor Credit
Free Assignment
5 Appliances Included
Beverley Glen Blvd
Starting From $853,900


Evoke Modern Towns
Rutherford Rd
Starting From $1,099,900
Monthly Payment Deposit

8188 Yonge Condos
Yonge St
Starting From $509,900
15% Down Brfote Occupancy
Free Assignment
Jane Street & Rutherford Road 
Starting From $699,900
Buy With 10% Down
M2 Towns
Interchange Way
Starting From $700's
Capped Development Charges
Capped Meter Installation
Include 1 Parking
Heritage Village Towns
Keele St
Staarting From $969,900
More then $20,000 incentives 
Thomas Cook Avenue
Starting From $989,900+
Upside Towns
George Kirby St & Ilan Ramon Blvd
Starting From $1,129,900
Kleinburg Crown Estates
Kleinburg Crown Estates 

Nashville Rd
From $2,049,990
The Thornhill Condos
Beverley Glen Blvd
Starting From $630,900
Extended Deposit Structure
Steeles Avenue West
Starting From $674,990
Weston Rd & Major Mackenzie Dr W
Starting From $779,900
Nashville Road
Ultra Towns
Dufferin St & Centre St
Starting From $1,049,000
LIV Townhomes
10060 Keele Street, Vaughan
Startin From 425,990+
Promenade Park Condos
Promenade Cir
Starting From $551,900
Special Incentives
Promenade Cir
Starting From $471,900
Maplecrete Rd & York Regional Rd 7
Starting From $498,200
Best Incentives In The City
Keele St
Starting From $879,900
Two Years Free Maintenance 
Free of Development Charges
Copperwood Kleinburg
 York 27 & Hedgerow Lane
Starting From $2,089,990
Eagleview Heights
Starting from $879,990
Klein Estates
Pine Valley Dr & Teston Rd
$50,000 Decor upgrade bonus
Kleinburg Summit
Teston Rd & Kipling Ave
Starting From $799,990
Eagle Rock Way
Starting from $969,990

Upcountry Towns
Weston Road
Starting From Low $1M

Upper Thornhill Estates
Bathurst St / Major Mackenzie Dr
Ravines of Islington Encore
Islington Avenue & Langstaff Road
Starting From $909,900
Dufferin and Centre

 The Enclave on Nashville
Nashville Rd
Starting from $1.5 Million
21 Exclusive Detached home

Coming Soon

Wycliffe at the Promenade
Clark Ave
Starting From $1,139,900
Limited Availability
Port Royal Collection at Kleinburg Crown
Port Royal Ave
Coming Soon
Highway 7
Jane Street
Coming Soon
Highway 7 & Jane St
Coming Soon
Wigston Green Estates
3-4 car garage

Cosmos 3 Condos
From the mid $200s
Noble Square Towns
Keele & Major Mackenzie
Bathurst Street
Starting From  $460,900
Buy With 10% Down
4585 Highway 7
From the High 300s

Vaughan Resale



Starting From the upper $200,000
York Regional Road
Woodbridge Ave. & Clarence st.
5289 Highway 7 Vaughan
Highway 7 West & Pine Valley Drive