Maziar Moini Team Home Leader Realty Inc.

Scarborough Pre-Construction Condos


Towns at Rouge Valley
Rouge River & Sheppard E

Starting From $534,990​



Sheppard Ave & Warden Ave

East 3220 Condos
3220 Sheppard Ave E
Starting From $453,880
Victoria Park Avenue
Starting From $723.990
Markham Rd

Starting From $514,800
Buy With 5% Down

Bridletowne Circle
Starting From $675,900
Kingston Road
Starting From $300,000+   
Kennedy Road & Saint Clair Avenue 
Upper Beach Club
Kingston Road
Starting From $303,900
Sheppard Ave E
Starting From $290,000 +
VIP Sale Starts Summer 2018
Grangway Ave. & Bushby Dr
$30,000 Cash Back 
Lawrence Avenue east
Kingstone Road
2815 Kingston Road


185 Bonis Avenue
5% Deposit Charge
Kingston Road & Eglinton Avenue
Me 2 Living Condos
Markham and Ellesmere
Starting From $383,990
Markham Rd & Ellesmere Rd
Kennedy Rd & HWY 401

 Upper Summerside

Warden Avenue

Kennedy Rd & HWY 401

Avani 2

Kennedy Rd & HWY 401

Danforth Ave & Warden Ave
From $650 /Month
663 Kingston Road 
village green Square& Kennedy Road
Kingston & Whitecap

The Kennedys Condos
Kennedy Rd. & Hwy 401
Starting from 229,990


Wish Condos
Sheppard Avenue East 


Danforth Ave. & Danforth Rd.
25 Town Centre Court
No Occupancy Fee

King City


The Residences of Spring Hill

King Rd./ Keele

$20,000 off, $30,000 Upgrade



Vaughan Pre-construction Condos


Highway 7 & Creditstone
Starting From $922,450

Nord Expo 4 Condos
Highway 7 & Creditstone
Starting From $609,925

Expo City Condos

Highway 7 & Creditstone

Upper Thornhill Estates
Bathurst St / Major Mackenzie Dr


Charisma Condominium
8946 Jane Street, Vaughan
Starting From the upper $200,000


LIV Townhomes
10060 Keele Street, Vaughan
Startin From 425,990+
Eagle Rock Way
Thomas Cook Avenue
Starting From $989,900+

Kleinburg Crown Estates
Kleinburg Crown Estates

Nashville Rd
From $2,994,990


Highway 7
Steeles Avenue West
Starting From $599,900
Maplecrete Rd & York Regional Rd 7
Bathurst Street
Starting From  $440,900
VIP Sale NOW on
Wigston Green Estates
3-4 car garage
9560 Islington
Starting From $580,900+
VIP Sale NOW on
Weston Rd & Major Mackenzie Dr W
4585 Highway 7
From the High 300s
Noble Square Towns
Keele & Major Mackenzie
Nashville Road
Eagleview Heights

Upcountry Towns
Weston Road
Starting From Low $1M


 York 27 & Hedgerow Lane


Cosmos 3 Condos
From the mid $200s
The Vanguard
Starting From $305,990

LUNA Towns

Dufferin Street

Icona Condos
Edgeley Blvd and Highway 7

Highway 7 West & Pine Valley Drive
York Regional Road
5289 Highway 7 Vaughan
Woodbridge Ave. & Clarence st.


Jackson Street West
 Queen St S
Strating From $200
VIP sale NOW on
Queenston Road
Starting From $300,000+​

Markham Pre-construction Condos


Pavilia Park Towns
South Park Rd

Starting From $1,350,000


Pavilia Towers Condos
Highway 7 & South Park Rd


Bur Oak Ave & McCowan Rd
Starting From $499,900
Valleymede Towers
Highway 7
starting From $428,800
Abbey Lane Towns
Lord Melbourne St
Phase 1 Sold Out

Varley Condominium Residences
Starting From $445,990
Kennedy Rd & 16th Ave
Starting From $1,749,900
Ninth Line 
Starting From $444,900+
VIP Sale NOW on


Riverside Uptown Markham
Start from the mid $200,000's
Free Assignment
York Regional Rd 7
Starting From $899,900+
Vendome condos
1 Clegg Road
Machenzie creek
Starting From $749,900
Markham Rd & Bur Oak Ave
Markham Rd & 16th Avenue


Starting from $299,900
Free Assignment
Up to $20,000 OFF
Warden Ave & Hwy 7
Woodbine Ave & Major Mackenzie Dr E
Stoney Stanton Rd / Highway 7


Gallery Square Condos
Birchmount Road 
Woodbine Ave & Elgin Mills Rd E
Regional Road 7 & Warden Ave
Starting From $352,300

Mississauga Pre-Construction Condos


 Bayview Ave / Sheppard Ave
 Starting From $300,000
buy with 5% down

Highlights Condos and Towns
Dixie Road

Starting From $200,000's

Elm Drive West
Edge Towers Condos
Elm Dr West

Mills Square Condos
4677 Glen Erin Drive
Starting From $536,900

Hurontario St & Eglinton 
Starting From $479,900
Grande Mirage
Confederation Parkway
Free Parking & Locker

1640 Crestview Avenue
The Way Urban Towns
South Millway

Amber Condos 
5025 Four Springs Ave
Starting From $869,900
Glen Erin Drive
Starting From $485,990
Glen Erin Drive
Starting From $404,990
VIP Sale NOW on
Lakeshore Rd W & Clarkson Rd N
Starting From $500'k

Riverside Vista

130 Church Str. 

Burnhamthorpe Road West & Confederation Pkwy
Starting From $395,000
Huronatio & Eglinton
Burnamthorpe Road and Confederation Parkway
Starting From $457,900
M City Condos 2 
Burnamthorpe Road 
Starting From $444,900
425 Webb Dr
Starting From $300,000
The Summit Collection Phase III
Hurontario Street
Thomas Street
Starting From $879,990
4390 Mississauga Road
Starting From $1,200,000
PSV2 Condos 
Parkside Village Drive
Starting From $531,500
Park St E
Parkside Village Drive
VIP Sale Starts Summer 2018
Elmwood Ave S
Starting From $1,900,000+
Winston Churchill
Downtown Erin Mills
buy with 5% down 


Eglinton Ave & Winston Churchill Blvd
Camilla Road
Starting From $2,000,000
Valhalla Inn Rd & HWY 427
Up To $5,000 Cash Back


Tempo Condos
Burnhamthorpe W
NOLA Condos & Towns
Starting From $1,399,900
Burnhamthorpe Road
Starting From $399,900
Rathburn Rd & Confederation Pkwy
1 Year Free Maintenance


1236 Cawthra Rd.& Atwater ave.
1041 Lakeshore Road East Mississauga

Oakville Pre-Construction Condos


Trafalgar Ridge

Starting from $979,990

Speers Rd 
Starting From $ 579,990

Cornwall Rd / Kerr St
Oakvillage Phase 2
Trafalgar Road
Old Mill Road
Starting From $950.000
300 Randall St
Starting From $2,450,000
Dundas St W & Sixth Line
Starting From $753,990
Dundas St E
Starting From $849,990
McCraney Street East
Starting From $300,000+​
121 East St
Glenashton Dr

Oak & Co. Condos
Dundas Street East

Starting From $387,525

East Street
Starting From $ 300,000

Ivory Oak States

Dundas Street West & Bronte Road


Dundas St E 
Starting From $ 594.900

Kerr St & Washington Ave
The 6ixth Towns
Starting From $417,400

205 Lakeshore Rd W

Union Towns & Condos

Markham Road & Bur Oak Avenue


Pickering Pre-construction Condos


Liverpool Road
Starting From Low $800,000

Universal City Condos

Durham Regional Road
Extended Deposit Structure
Starting From $324,900
Bayly Street & Liverpool Road
Whites Road North
2540 Brock Rd
Starting From $400,00
Liverpool Rd/Bayly St
Only 5% Down
San Francisco 3
Bayly Street, Pickering

From $450 per sqf
Starting From $699,900
Birchcliff Townhomes
Starting From $500,000
VIP Sale Starts Summer 2018
Brock Road
Starting From $989,990
Liverpool Rd/Bayly St


Jennifer Crescent



Marquis Towns
Harwood Avenue & Kingston Road


Grayson Road 
Starting From $579,990
Rossland Rd W & Church St N
Starting From $839,990+



Windward Drive
Starting From $353,990


South St
Starting From $488,900+


1217 N Muldrew Lake Rd
Starting From $301,900+


Hume St

Wasaga Beach

River Road West
Starting From $299,900+ 


Charles Street
Staring From $300,000
1010 Dundas St E
Starting From 300,000
VIP Sale Starts Summer 2018
Dundas St W & McQuay Blvd
Starting From $529,990+
Brock Street North
Starting From $700's


Banting Square
Wellington Street East



Haldimand 66
Starting From $409,990+     

Niagara Falls

Goldenrod Trail
Starting From $469,990


Old Church Rd


309 Blackburn Drive
Starting from $435,990
Shellard Lane
Starting From $400,000+


Main Street South, Georgetown


Main St N


Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching
Starting From $437,990

West Shore Beach Club - Phase II

Starting from low $600’s





Clearbrook Trail
Starting From $454,990+


Kottmeier Rd & Niagara Regional Rd 37
Starting from $514,990
Silverwood Ave
Starting From $345,990


Leslie Street & Queensville Side Road

Schomberg Pre-Construction Condos


Church St/Main St
($0 Mortgage for 1 Year) 5% Down




1451 Wellington St
1451 Wellington Street West

Starting From $489,990

Morrison Drive
Starting From $392,990
 Carling Ave
Starting From $319,900
Catherine St
Starting From $305,900


Granville St
Starting From $359,900

Barrie Pre-Construction Condos


Friday Harbour Condos 

Big Bay Point Rd & West st.

$10,000 Initial Deposit


 Touchstone on Lake Muskoka
Starting From $449,900

Lakevu Condos
Lakeside Terrace
521 Big Bay Point Road
Starting From $379,900
430 Essa Rd
Essa Rd & Salem Rd
Starting From $336,990
Mapleview Dr E & Yonge St
Starting From $304,990


Thompson Road South


Glenway Estates Condos
From  $490/sqf +



The Orchard Condos
12 Avenue Southeast




Paradigm Condos East
Fairview and Brant


Valera Road
VIP Sale Starts Oct, 2018
Starting From $333,990
42 Mill St
Starting From $435,900
Parkview Lakefront Residences
Lakeshore Road

Starting From 1,390,000 +

Affinity East Condos
Plains Road East


Cambridge Pre-construction Condos


Guelph Ave/Queen St


Brampton Pre-Construction Condos

Rising Hill Ridge
Starting From $300,000+
Buy With 5 % Down​
Sandalwood Pkwy W & Veterans Drive
Starting From $425,490
Bovaird Dr W & Mississauga Rd
Starting From $679,990
UPtowns at Heartlake
Heart Lake Road
Manett Crescent
Starting From $382,990+
Wanless Drive
Starting From $949,990+
Montpelier St & Financial Dr
Starting From $700k +
Buy With Only %5
Mississauga Road
Chinguacousy Road
Mississauga Road & Sandalwood Parkway West
The Classics Townhomes
Walness Drive and Chinguacousy
Mayfield Road & Creditview Road 
Castlemore Road & McVean Drive


Aurora Pre-Construction Condos



Wood Haven 
Yonge St
 from $1.5 Million +

Aurora Glen Townhomes
Leslie Street


 Yonge Street and Wellington


Vandorf Sideroad
Startin From $1,299,900
Wellington St E/Bayview Ave

The Time Village
Mavrinac Blvd Aurora


Gates of Humber Ridge

Bathurst St & Lowther Ave



Bayview Ave & St Johns SideRoad



Sunview Suites
Sunview Street
From $288,990
Free Assignment
2 Years Rental Gurantee
Hemlock Street
Starting From $299,900

Starting From $580,880
King Street North
Starting From $326,900
Albert Street Students House 
Starting From $586,880

Montreal Pre-Construction Condos


1500 Boulevard René-Lévesque O

Tour des Canadiens 3
Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest
Rue Saint-Antoine Ouest



Friday Harbour Condos
Big Bay Point Rd & West st.
Starting From $395,900
1051 County Road 39
Starting From $649,990



Dundas Street West
Starting From $609,990
Trafalgar Green Homes
Dundas Street East
Starting From $979,900+​




32 Duke Street East
Free Assignment
Starting From $351,990





U.C Towns 2
Wilson Rd
Simcoe St N
Starting From 189,990
Buy With 5% Down
1569 Simcoe St N



Sage Prestige
652 Princess Street




Carrying Place

County Rd 64 & Gardenville Rd
Starting From $439,990+

Carrying Place



9th & Main Condos
11750 Ninth Line
Starting From $415,990+

Baker Hill Blvd & Main St
Starting From $500,000

Resale Condos

Kairya Dr/Elm Dr
30 Days Occupancy, Read More
Living Arts Dr & Prince of Wales Dr
With Only 5% Down
HWY 7 & Saddlecreek Dr
1% Discount and More
9778 Creditview Road
Sheppard & Progress Ave.
Starting From $474,990
Birchmount Gardens 
Birchmount Road & Laura Secord Walk
Kingston Road Village 
Starting From $334,900
495 Princess Street Kingston
HWY 7 & Martin Grove Rd
3% down
Bathurst St & Centre St
$5000 Down &
$1000/Month Program!
Bathurst St & Centre St.

Visto Condos on Maple Leaf

Keele st. & Maple Leaf dr.
Starting From $266,900

Rutherford Rd. & Bathurst St.
Centre St & Bathurst St
Starting From $258,000

HWY 7 & Creditstone Rd

Rutherford Rd & Jane St
Jane Street & Rutherford Road Vaughan
Weston Rd & HWY 7
Starting From $370,900
Woodbine Avenue & 16th Avenue
Yonge St & Meadowview Ave
kennedy Rd & 16th Avenue
Birchmount R & HWY 407
Walkers Line & Upper Middle Rd




Markham Rd / Sheppard Ave
1 parking space & 1 locker included
Hwy 401 / Brimley Road
Under Construction

From the $200,000

Clark Ave / Yonge St



Bronte Rd / Jones St



Prince of Wales Dr/Confederation Pkwy 
Get $15,000 Cash Back Buy With Only $10,000 Down


Vaughan Resale Condos

Bathurst St & Centre St
$5000 Down &
$1000/Month Program!
Vero Condos
Islington Ave & Langstaff Rd
Chelsea Maple Station
Starting From $871,990

Oakville Resale Condos

Lake Shore Rd / Stevenson Rd
$10,000 Upgrade on Selected Suite


NewMarket Resale Condos


Sharon Village Townhomes

Leslie Street & Mount Albert Road East Gwillimbury

Bayview Ave & St. John's Sideroad


Mississauga Resale Condos


North Service Road & Cliff Road

Grande Mirage Condos
Confederation Parkway
1177 Haig Boulevard
The Marquee Townhomes
Hurontario Street, Mississauga
Prices Start From $749,900



Scarborough Resale Condos

Sheppard Ave & Pharmacy Ave
Lawrence Ave & Birchmount Rd
Starting From $169,000



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