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 Gallery Loft Towns


Sustainability is Built In

gallery LOFT towns is a low-rise urban infill project that thoroughly  incorporates sustainability principles into its design:

Site Location

  • Infill site uses existing urban infrastructure
  • Close to College, Dundas and Spadina streetcar lines and University subway line
  • Along St George / Beverley bicycle lane
  • Walking distance to Baldwin Village and Kensington Market for local shopping

Building Design

  • Ground-related homes with front doors and landscaped yards on city boulevard
  • Large windows and shading overhangs along south-facing facades achieve passive solar heating in winter and shading in summer adding to comfort and reducing energy use (subject to encroachment agreement with city)
  • Deciduous trees planted along south side provide summer shade while allowing winter sun to penetrate to building façade
  • Careful use of north-facing windows provides natural lighting while minimizing heat loss
  • Through units (with operable windows on north and south)  provide cross ventilation to minimize need for mechanical air conditioning
  • Open floorplans increase the amount of natural daylight inside
  • Outdoor space (units 2-8):  south-facing front yards, rear patios or terraces, upper terraces with large overhang to provide shading from summer sun
  • Outdoor lighting is directed and shielded to prevent light pollution
  • Innovative parking stackers minimize space required by vehicles
  • Secure residents’ bicycle parking located on stacker
  • Visitor bicycle parking located on Cecil Street

Energy Conservation

  • Insulation levels (R-22 walls, R-40 roof) reduce energy loads
  • ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator) in each home maximizes fresh air and provide improved indoor air quality with minimal energy loss
  • Windows argon-filled and double glazed with low-e coating
  • Individual high-efficiency gas furnace(s)
  • Energy star appliances (except stove)
  • Individual smart meters for electricity (from Toronto Hydro)
  • Individual meters (or sub-meters) for gas
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Gas-fired domestic hot water with optional solar collectors on roof as an upgrade (water tank and collectors leased directly to owner)

Water Conservation

  • Native species in landscaping reduces water use
  • Dual-flush toilets
  • Low-flow showerheads
  • Front-loading washing machine reduces water consumption
  • Rainwater harvesting:  south side drains into ground to recharge water table, north side is captured in Atlantis cistern to recharge water table

Indoor Air Quality

  • Natural wood and tile flooring reduce potential for dust and molds
  • Millwork cabinets from formaldehyde-free plywood interior boxes.  Finishes are furniture quality UV-cured, environmentally-friendly low HAPS finishes
  • MDF produced without urea formaldehyde
  • Low-emitting paints and coatings and adhesives

Resources and Atmosphere

  • Minimum 50% of demolition and construction waste diverted from landfill
  • Locally produced elements: brick, block, joists, millwork
  • Reuse of existing north brick wall to frame rear patios
  • Hardwood flooring  sustainably-harvested wood
  • Composite counters made from recycled materials.  Non-porous materials inhibit mold and bacteria and require less detergent use.   Supplier complies with NSF 51 standards
  • Porcelain tile has high durability compared to ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile in foyer with recycled content
  • No CFC-based refrigerants        


The following are included in the Purchase Prices:


  • Wood frame construction, acoustically insulated demising walls, truss joist floors
  • Exterior cladding: brick and hardipanel cladding, stucco
  • Ceiling heights (Units 3-7): 9’0” on lower floor;  9’0” and 11’4” on first floor,  8’4”  on second and third floors
  • Ceiling heights (Unit 2 and 8 only):  13’0”  living and dining area, 9’0” kitchen and entry, other rooms 8’4”
  • Ceiling heights (Unit 1 only):  13’0” living dining area, 8’4” other rooms,
  • Double glazed windows argon filled with low e glass. Painted wood frame interior with vinyl exterior frame
  • Wall construction within units is gypsum board on wood studs
  • Stairways: Carpeted treads, painted stringers and risers; Railings drywall with hardwood cap and/or rail.  Glass rail where shown on plans


  • Premium (3/8") hardwood flooring with 4” painted baseboards in main floor living dining areas and kitchens and (Units 2-8)
  • Premium (5/8”) engineered wood floor on concrete sub floor with 4” painted baseboards in ground floor Study (Units 2-8) and in main living areas of Unit 1 
  • Carpet in bedrooms and hallways
  • Flooring in  bathrooms as noted below
  • Porcelain tile in entry foyer
  • Ceramic tile in service  and storage rooms (other than rooms in lower level)
  • Concrete floor in lower level (Units 3-7)


  • Individual gas-fired heating and air conditioning unit with programmable thermostat
  • Individual ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilator)
  • Individually metered gas service 
  • Individual gas-fired water heater: rental direct to owner
  • Optional solar collectors: rental direct to owner (as an upgrade)
  • High quality plumbing fixtures


  • Pre-wired  for cable television and telephone
  • Individual electrical panel, individually metered
  • Decora type receptacles and switches
  • Switched receptacles in living room
  • Switched ceiling power point in dining room
  • Cat 3 cable for telephone line
  • High speed internet access via cable or telephone (individual contract by owner)
  • Smoke and CO detector where applicable
  • Incandescent wall mounted lighting at front entry and rear terrace
  • Exterior weather proof outlet at rear terrace

General Finishes

  • Solid core wood veneer custom entrance doors. stained finish
  • Hollow core wood veneer interior doors, paint finish
  • Closets with chrome rod and white melamine shelf
  • Choice of paint colours from building standards

Kitchens and Appliances

  • Custom high quality plywood box cabinets to 8’0” height with valence
  • Composite countertops ¾”with square 1 ½” edge
  • Ceramic tile backsplash
  • Breakfast bar with overhang on island
  • Stainless steel double bowl undermount sink with single lever faucet
  • Stainless steel  kitchen appliances: electric slide-in range, 23 cu ft frost free counter depth refrigerator, 24"  dishwasher  Energy Star (except range)
  • Microwave over stove
  • Line voltage recessed pot lighting in kitchen ceiling and valence lighting below upper wall cabinets


  • Stackable front-loading  washer and dryer vented to exterior, Energy Star

Main (or second) Bathroom

  • Vanity with  composite counter,  porcelain undermount sink with 8” wide spread lever  faucet
  • Porcelain tile floors
  • Ceramic tile to full height around bathtub
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Mirror and light over vanity

Powder Room (Units 3 -8 only)

  • Undermount sink in full length composite counter with 8” wide spread  lever faucet
  • Porcelain  tile floor
  • Dual flush toilet
  • Mirror and light above sink

Ensuite Bathroom (Units 2-8 only)

  • Undermount sink(s) with  composite counter
  • Porcelain tile floor
  • Soaker tub, ceramic tiled shower walls
  • Frameless glass shower door
  • Pressure balanced mixing valve to tub and/or shower


  • Optional suite security with perimeter and front door contacts (as an upgrade)

Rear Patio (Units 3 -7 only) Exclusive Use Common Area

  • Unit pavers with sand swept joints
  • Planters north and west side
  • Existing Brick privacy  wall on north side
  • Wood privacy fence  between units
  • Non-freeze hose bib

Raised Rear Terrace (Units 2 and 8 only) Exclusive Use Common Area

  • Wood deck with pressure treated wood
  • Pea gravel along inside edge as shown on plan

Roof terrace (Units 2 – 8 only) Exclusive Use Common Area

  • Wood deck with pressure treated wood
  • Privacy screen between units pressure treated wood to 6’0”


1. Marble and wood are subject to natural variations in colour and grain.  Ceramic tile, porcelain tile and broadloom are subject to pattern, shade and colour variations.
2. If the Unit is at a stage of construction which will enable the Vendor to permit the Purchaser to make colour and material choices from the Vendor's standard selections, then the Purchaser shall have until the Vendor's date designated by the Vendor (of which the Purchaser shall be given at least 10 days prior to notice) to properly complete the Vendor's colour and material selection form.  If the Purchaser fails to do so within such time period, the Vendor may exercise all of the Purchaser's rights to colour and material selections hereunder and such selections shall be binding upon the Purchaser.  No changes whatsoever shall be permitted in colours or materials so selected by the Vendor, except that the Vendor shall have the right to substitute other materials and items for those provided in this Schedule provided that such materials and items are of equal quality to or better than the materials and items set out herein.
3. The Purchaser acknowledges that there shall be no reduction in the price or credit for any standard feature listed herein which is omitted at the Purchaser's request.
4. References to model types or model numbers refer to current manufacturers models.  If these types or models shall change, the Vendor shall provide an equivalent model.
5. All dimensions, if any, are approximate.
6. All specifications and materials are subject to change without notice.
7. Pursuant to this Agreement or this Schedule or pursuant to a supplementary agreement or purchase order the Purchaser may have requested the Vendor to construct an additional feature within the Unit which is in the nature of an optional extra (such as, by way of example only, a fireplace).  If, as a result of building, construction or site conditions within the Unit or the Building, the Vendor is not able to construct such extra, then the Vendor may, by written notice to the Purchaser, terminate the Vendor’s obligation to construct the extra.  In such event, the Vendor shall refund to the Purchaser the monies, if any, paid by the Purchaser to the Vendor in respect of such extra, without interest, and in all other respects this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.
8. The Vendor shall have the right to substitute other products and materials for those listed in this Schedule or provided for in the plans and specifications provided that the substituted products and materials are of a quality equal to, or better than, the products and materials so listed or so provided.
9. Floor and specific features will depend on the Vendor’s package as selected




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