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Brampton Pre-Construction Condos

Rising Hill Ridge
Starting From $300,000+
Buy With 5 % Down​
Sandalwood Pkwy W & Veterans Drive
Starting From $630,990
Only 10% Deposit
Bovaird Dr W & Mississauga Rd
Starting From $679,990
UPtowns at Heartlake
Heart Lake Road
5% plus Monthly payments
Veterans Drive
Starting From $548,990
Free Assignment
Buy With  10% Down​
The Manors of Claireville
Queen Street East
Starting From $479,990
Starting From $529,990
Bovaird Dr E & Heart Lake Rd
Starting From $629,990
Stella at Southside Condos
Main St S
Starting From $339,998
Free Assignment
Montpelier St & Financial Dr
Starting From $700k +
Buy With Only %5
Mississauga Road
SouthSide Towns
Steeles Avenue West
Starting From $709,900
McMurchy Ave S
Starting From $710,900
Manett Crescent
Starting From $382,990+
Wanless Drive
Starting From $949,990+
Vales of the Humber
Mayfield Road & McVean Drive
Chinguacousy Road
Rivermont Road
Coming Soon
Tamworth Ct
Coming Soon
Urban Towndominiums Phase 2
Sandalwood Pkwy W & Veterans Drive
Coming Soon
Chinguacousy Rd
Starting From $679,990

Brampton Resale


Mississauga Road & Sandalwood Parkway West
Castlemore Road & McVean Drive
The Classics Townhomes
Walness Drive and Chinguacousy
Mayfield Road & Creditview Road